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Auto Service Tips

You drove it when you were partying like it was 1999 (and in fact, when it actually was 1999), through the Bush and Obama presidencies, and to at least three new Batman movies. Today, you’re still tooling around with your vintage vehicle. At 10, 15, or even 20 years old, these beauties have earned their reputation for durability and charm, but when they start to sputter, head to the shop post-haste for some routine auto service.


As the owner of a vintage vehicle, your greatest (and most costly) repairs may relate to rust. All those years of service mean time for water to have collected in or on the car, creating the powerful oxidation reaction, which eats shiny exteriors and engines alike. Before you take your car in, check the body for rust spots, which are both unsightly and potentially indicative of greater problems throughout the car. Rust spots or bubbles in body panels may need to be sandblasted, trimmed, or replaced.

Inside the car, particularly if you don’t drive very often, rust may infiltrate the engine, transmission, or valve train. If you can get the car up on a lift, scope out the wheel wells, floor pans, and undercarriage for those telltale iron-colored spots. Make sure you have your auto service technician check the muffler, exhaust pipes, and shock towers thoroughly for rusted areas and recommend repair or replacement.


Another auto service tip for your vehicle concerns tires. If you’ve been driving this car regularly, you probably replaced your tires often to help with your gas mileage and to improve traction on wet roadways. If you’re pulling the car out of storage or simply don’t drive it as much, give the tires a good inspection. Rubber rots easily, and tread can wear down. Many technicians cite the “penny depth test” to help check the viability of older tires. Insert a Lincoln penny, head facing down, into the tire tread. If you can still see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to get new tires.

Routine Maintenance

Once you’ve covered your rust and your tires, you can move on to more routine maintenance. With a vintage vehicle, you need to be a bit more careful about fluid levels than you otherwise might. Change your oil every quarter and assess all your fluid levels and types: older models can call for special fluids, like a glycol-based brake fluid as opposed to a silicone-based one. Older mechanical parts have experienced wear and need more lubrication to function at the peak of their effectiveness, so compare fluid levels over time to check for leaks. Emissions standards change over the life of a durable car, so stay abreast of regular emissions inspections as well.

Vintage cars are nice because they can serve as everyday, seasoned workhorses as well as soon-to-be-classic showpieces. With a little attention and TLC, you can wait a long time before you put them out to pasture.

Choosing A Classic Car

images-2For some people, collecting classic cars is a tremendously fun and rewarding hobby but you should also pursue it with eyes wide open. You should primarily research the current market and the car in focus, but you should also be wary of buying one-of-a-kind vehicles. In case the chosen classic car needs restoration, you should be totally committed towards completing the work. You should be prepared with a list of the “Top 10” classic cars that you intend to be part of your collection. Such a list helps you to focus on the efforts in an efficient way.

Always remember that some old vehicles appreciate in value while others are simply idle. If you intend to buy a classic car as an investment, have a good research done on how the carhas previously fared over time.

You should be careful while buying one-of-a-kind vehicles. It is true that cars which were owned by famous people fetch good returns, but there is a down side too. The available market for such type of cars is limited because of the high price tag attached with these vehicles. Also if the previous owner was infamous, it will be difficult to sell it at any outlet as they will be reluctant to invite any controversy with it. In case that such cars were had very limited versions, then any replacement parts will require manufacturing, which can prove to be a costly affair. Counting on the number of cylinders may not prove to be such a right way of judgement. A turbocharged engine with a lesser number a cylinders may give you better speed with less fuel consumption.

While buying a classic car, you should be aware of the business that you are getting into. Only go for a vehicle that needs significant repair and restoration when you have the commitment to restore it.

You need to consult a classic car specialist in London to go through the best available options for you.Keep your list ready before the classic car specialist so that you are sure how to proceed with your purchase. There are certain performance numbers which can be utilized in order to compare one sports car with the other one. The most common of these numbers is the time taken to reach from 0 to 60 mph and anything under 7 seconds is considered to be quick.

Best Student Car Loans

How to find auto loans for students? Read to know more

People who are in college might look for options to finance a car for their personal usage. However, students do face certain hurdles when they search for vehicle financing. They have to pay for their tuition costs and purchase their books. Keeping thisin mind, a number of lenders have designed a variety of innovative loan products that suit the requirements of students. In this way, students who don’t usually have an extensive credit history or a considerable level of income can also qualify for vehicle finance. By exploring your choices for best student car loans, it is always essential that you negotiate the best possible loan terms that you are able to do as a student. 

You have to remember that for getting the best student car loans, you have to shop around a lot and compare between a large numbers of lenders. Students who are presently enrolled in graduate, undergraduate or technical schools can apply for these loans. 

The salient benefits offered by a car loan for studentare as follows:

  • There are no transaction or origination fees
  • Discounts are available from particular lenders for high GPA (grade point average)
  • The repayment terms can be extended under special circumstances, which result in reduced monthly payments

The most beneficial aspect of vehicle financing for students is that you can avail an auto loan for no credit history. Given below are some tips that the students can use while going for this type of financing:

  • They should work on building credit. For example, if you have a credit card, make regular payments to clear your monthly balance. This will bolster your credit score.
  • Design a simple budget and follow it sincerely. Going for a luxury or expensive car does not makesense if you can’t afford it.
  • Having your parent as a co-signer is a good idea, especially if he or she has a good credit rating.
  • Send applications to as many lenders as possible, just to make a well-informed choice.
  • Make your down payment as big as you can. This will help reduce your monthly payments and interest rate.

Student auto loans are a smart choice for teenagers who wish to get behind the wheels at a young age and are looking for a dependable means of conveyance to go to college. The online car loan calculator can help create a successful car purchase plan.

Ways to Reduce Monthly Car Payments for You

download-2On account of the current state of the economy, an increasing number of people are looking for ways to bring down their vehicular payments. For some of them, car loans take away a big chunk of their income. Sometimes, unexpected expenses occur and make your income look smaller than always. There are a few ways which can provide you with some relief on this front.

Large Down Payment
An excellent method is to make a substantial down payment. This will result in reduction of the money taken from car financing, and will minimize the amount to be paid. But usually, people do not have that kind of money and end up paying more each month.

Auto Refinancing
Many companies that work only in the field of refinancing auto loans, are available today. This option increases the length of the loan, cutting down the monthly payment. Although some companies do not provide financing below a certain amount, there are also companies that refinance auto loans with bad credit.

Used vehicles
After buying a secondhand car, you can rent it out during the weekdays. This rent will pay for its own monthly payments, and you can still use the vehicle on weekends. After few months, you can use it without any pressure on your income.

Personal Loan
Opt for credit unions instead of banks for these loans, which have higher interest rates. This will also allow you to increase your deductibles, as you will own the vehicle.

Rate of Interest
By using a bank system called the auto payment calculator, you can modify your rate of interest. Make a proper request for it after carefully calculating the rate, which you are comfortable with.

The Hardship Plan
Get in touch with your lender and request this plan. Support it with all the necessary documents, get it in writing, and check if the clauses are going to ease your situation, prior to signing it. You may have to shuffle your budget and expenditures in case you go for this option.

DIR (Debt to Income Ratio)
Having a high DIR will result into problems for your entire budget system. All your monthly expenditures divided by the gross income, will give you this ratio. By keeping it down, most of your financial problems, including your car payments, will get reduced.

Home Equity Loan
You can use this option to buy a vehicle. These loans have a lower rate of interest, so your monthly payments will be lesser. Their interest may also be tax deductible. Another way would be to avail it on a personal level, i.e. from a relative or a friend, to get a low interest rate.

Bad Credit Car Loan
Though you have bad credit, you can get a car loan by this option. This is helpful for people who badly need a car. But large banks are not very keen on giving such loans. In this case, you have to look for small vehicle dealers who also provide financing options. These people usually are the moneylenders for bad credit.

What you should really do is to buy a car, that fits your budget comfortably. But sometimes, things turn out differently than you had imagined, and you have to find your way out of this mess. Saving your money is one of the best options in such cases.

Finding Professional Auto Repair Shop

If you are the owner of the vehicle, then it is certain that you cannot avoid repair shops. It may be a simple dent or major accident; your vehicle will need repairing. Repair shops have specialized in different types of vehicle repairs. Some of the shops have specialized in one area, and others cover all the issues. So the question here is how to find an auto body repair Sunnyvale CA that fits in your interest.

Why finding a good auto repair is essential?

Even an expert driver can face accidents; there is no guarantee on the road. Mishap can occur even on the safest roads. This is the reason why you will need a good auto repair shop for your vehicles. A reliable and good shop will be able to handle your issues and auto body shop Santa Clara CA is also self-contained.  They can also assure you that your vehicles are delivered to you on time.

It is recommended that when you stuck in situations, such as road accidents, then make sure to opt for a reliable auto repair shop. Cheapest things also make people regret their decisions in the future, so do not get tempted by cheap rates.  Professionals may charge you with more, but they can guarantee you guarantee you with high-quality service. Affordable services can be availed with right collision repair San Jose CA

Looking for auto shops online

Online is the best place where you can find professional auto repair shops.  On websites, you can have a look at their experience in the field and where they are located. They also display their services on the website, and you can also find out the prices.  Everything is available at one place, and you can also bookauto body repair San Jose CAservices online. Professionals offer services such as car paint, window repair and plenty of other services.

Tips on choosing a genuine auto repair

 A simple way to check the reliability of the collision repair Santa Clara CA is to look at their ASE certification. If you are looking online, then you can have this certification on the website. ASE certified is considered as the best in the auto repair field.  If you have visible injuries on your vehicle, then it is important that you restore them immediately.  If these injuries are not restored on time, it can affect the performance of your vehicle. Professionals can restore your vehicles beauty as well as functionality without charging you a fortune for their services. Just make sure that you are choosing a reliable and professional company for this job.